Catharsis in Regression Hypnotherapy – table of contents

Table of Contents – 448 pages Catharsis in Regression Hypnotherapy

About the Author
Preface to Volume II

1. The Value of Catharsis in Regression
     Selecting Appropriate Processes
     Understanding Abreaction and Catharsis
     Spontaneous Abreaction
     Recognizing the Value of Emotional Release
     Considerations to Keep in Mind

2. Encouraging vs Discouraging Emotions
     Ideomotor Methods for Subconscious Guidance
     Working with Emotions After Signals for Detachment
     Utilizing Openness to Emotions

3. Working with Abreaction
     Preparation for Potential Catharsis
     Encouraging the Awareness and Expression of Emotions
     Bringing It All Together

4. Grounding and Centering for the Therapist
     A Grounding and Centering Induction
     Methods and Uses
     Summary of Sample Grounding and Centering Steps

5. Daniel’s Emotional Blocking
  The Shock of the Sudden Divorce
     Daniel Writes 15 Years Later

6. Rose’s Pervading Sadness
  The Tragic Attempted Escape from Hungary
     Rose’s Journaling Notes
     Interview Two and a Half Weeks After the Session
     Rose Writes Four Years Later

7. John’s Shame
  The Felon Who Didn’t Fit In

8. Curtis and Charlene: Explorations of Averting Catharsis
     Curtis’ Claustrophobia
     Interview Eight Days After the Session
     Charlene’s Childhood Trauma
     Interview One Week After the Second Session

9. Virginia’s Desire for a Healthy Relationship
  The Extremely Dysfunctional Family
     Interview Three Weeks Later

10. Virginia’s Panic Attacks
  Smothered by Her Disturbed Brother
     Interview One Year Later
     Interview Three Years Later
     From One of Virginia’s Later Notes to Randal

11. Sean’s Flashbacks of Possible Molestation
  Uncovering and Cathartic Clearing
     Interview One Week Later

12. Issues of Potential Sexual Abuse
     The Subtleties of Neutrality
     Lessons from the Case of Holly Ramona
     Recovering Memories with Minimum Inaccuracy
     An Exception to the Neutrality Rule

13. Rita’s Road Rage
  The Explosive Driver
     Interview One Week Later

14. Jill’s Writing Block
  The Private Journal Read by her Police Chief Father
     Interview One Week Later

15. Kane’s Rebellion Revisited
  Unfinished Issues of School and Mother
     Interview the Next Day
     Interview One Year Later

16. Theresa’s Abusive Relationships
  The Unlovable Child
     Theresa Writes One Year Later

17. Regarding Past Life Regression
     The Theory of Past Life Regression and the Value of Metaphor
     Exploring the Possibilities
     Understanding Suggestibility Factors

18. Corinna’s Self-Destruction
  Past Life Regression: The Annihilation of a Village
     Interview One Week Later
     Corinna Writes Eight Years Later

19. Chris’ Terror
  Past Life Regression: The Concentration Camp
     Interview One Week Later

20. Chris’ Guilt
  Exposing the Abusive Father
     Interview One Month Later
     Interview One Year Later

21. Chris’ Struggles with Work
Follow-Up Past Life Regression: They’ll Kill Me if I Stop
     Chris Writes Five Years Later

     Abreaction and Catharsis: Foundations and Meanings


Annotated Bibliography