Become the Dream – table of contents

The Transforming Power of Hypnotic Dreamwork

Winner of the Founder’s Award for Excellence in Professional Literature
From Randal Churchill, Originator of Hypnotic Dreamwork™
The Book that Transcends Interpretation

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Table of Contents: Become the Dream by Randal Churchill


foreword by Ormond McGill

preface to first edition

preface to second edition

1. The Transformational Nature of Hypnotherapy
           The Subconscious is the Key
            Hypnotic Phenomena
            Facts and Fallacies
            The Experience of Hypnosis
            Karen’s Story
            Kenn’s Story
            Frank’s Story

2. Hypnotic Dreamwork: Subconscious Access Galore
            Dreamwork from the Gestalt Perspective
            Basic Gestalt Dreamwork Methods and their Hypnotic Effects
            Combining Further Hypnotic Processes with Gestalt Dreamwork
            Providing a Supportive Presence
            Common Steps in Hypnotic Dreamwork

3. Dream Recall and Hypnosis
            Preparation for Improved Dream Recall
           Awakening and Remembering

4. Kay’s Dream: The Kidnapped Boy and the Goldfish Messenger
            Interview One Week Later

5. Rachel’s Recurring Dream: Back in the House of Israel
            Rachel Writes Three Years Later

6. Susan’s Dream: Rosemary’s Baby
            Post-Session Dreamwork One Week Later
            Susan Writes Three Years Later

7. Patrick’s Dream: Pulling the 747 Jet

8. The Return of Sharon’s Recurring Childhood Nightmare:
The Broken Blinds and the Staring Stranger
            Interview One Week Later
            Sharon Writes Nine Months Later

9. Questions and Answers

10. Cheryl’s Dream: The Magic Bus Appears in Mexico
            Cheryl Writes Three Years Later
            Cheryl Writes Nine Years Later

11. Cynthia’s Recurring Dream: Not You, Mother!

12. Introduction to the Use of Regression in Dreamwork
            Regression and Gestalt Theory
            Purposes and Methods of Transitions into Regression

13. Christine’s Dream and Regression:
Crawling Over the Six-Inch Hurdles
            Interview One Week Later
            Christine Writes Two Weeks Later

14. Liz’s Dream and Regression:
The Assassin and Victim Number Six

15. Nina’s Fairy Tale Dream: Saving her Russian Village

16. Jim’s Dream:
The Crashing Waves on the Computer Screen
            Interview One Week Later

17. Lucid Dreams and Their Hypnotic Development
            Techniques for Checking In
            Developing Lucid Dreams
            Hypnotic Dreamwork with Lucid Dreams

18. Hypnodreams
            Eliciting a Hypnodream
            Guided Hypnodreams

19. Delores’ Hypnodream:
The Soaring Bicycle Ride to the Golden Planet
            Delores Writes Nine Years Later

20. The Evolution of Tom’s Hypnodream into Regression:
The Drowning Woman

21. Karen’s Dream: The Golden Child in the Moving Painting
            Karen Writes Four Years Later

22. Jan’s Dream: Journey to the Sacred Mountain

23. Barbara’s Dream:
Thousands of Butterflies in the Living Room

     annotated bibliography

     Afterword: The Dream of Restoring Our Future


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