Transcripts of Transformation Volume I
The Regression Therapy Training Guide

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REGRESSION HYPNOTHERAPY: Transcripts of Transformation
the new book by Randal Churchill

Table of Contents - 427 pages



1. Regression Hypnotherapy and Its Profound Potential

        The Power of Regression 
        The Relevance of Regression to the Practice of Hypnotherapy
        Transformation and the Mind-Body Connection
        Churchill's Recipe for Outstanding Therapy
        In Perspective
2. Uses of Regression to Non-Traumatic Experiences

        Finding Lost Valuables
        Remembering Important Details
        Exploring Wish Fulfillment Dreams
        Keith's Life-Saving Dream

3. Uses of Regression to Traumatic Experiences

        Checking for Subconscious Permission
        Regression without Consciously Recalling Memories
        Recall of Memories with Emotional Detachment
        Working with Memories and Emotions
        Summary of Major Steps in Emotional Clearing Regression
4. Accessing Gestalt Methods 

        Establishing Dialogue
        Concept of Maturation
        Gestalt Strategies in the Context of Hypnosis and Regression
        Creating Ideal Parents
        Mistakes to Avoid and Directions to Take with Gestalt 
5. Utilizing Ideomotor Signals in Regression

        Establishing Ideomotor Responses 
        Examples of Eliciting Responses

6. Direct vs Indirect Suggestion

        Understanding the Broad Context of Suggestion
        The Myth of the Inherent Superiority of Indirect Suggestion   
        Toward an Accurate Representation of Erickson and the Field of Hypnotherapy
7. Mary's Fear of Public Speaking
    Humiliated in Grade School
8. Sophie's Grief     Saying Goodbye to Grandma
9. Ericka's Difficulty with Boundaries     The Little Girl Who Had to be Grown-Up
10. Kenn's Terror of Further Neck Surgery     The Former Gambler Stooped with Shame 11. Questions and Answers 12. Beneath Janine's Sabotage of Her Success     The Real Issue Explored
13. Jacquie's Attraction of Unhealthy Relationships     Nary a Sensitive, Successful Man to be Found
14. Recovered Memories     Reclaiming Logic on Both Sides of the Controversy
        The Recovery of Memories         The Controversy         The Power of Suggestion         Some Therapists in Denial         Toward a Balanced Perspective         Effective Procedures for Recovering, Revivifying and Enhancing Accurate Memories         The Purpose of Therapy 15. Christine's Overwhelming Responsibilities     The Breech Birth: "I Can't Do It" 16. Ron's Mysterious Heartache     Discovering the Source of His Sadness
17. Pat's Struggles from Abuse     The Baby Who Didn't Dare Cry
    Follow-up Session
18. Lynette's Lack of Confidence     The Teenager Who Couldn't Stand Up For Herself
19. Craig's Lingering Resentment     The Absent Father
    Follow-Up Session
20. Gerrie's Fear of Abandonment     A Year in a Drawer
21. Hypnotic Dreamwork as Regression     The Integration of Gestalt Dreamwork and Hypnotherapy
        The Gestalt Perspective on Dreamwork         Accessing the Subconscious with Gestalt Dreamwork Methods         Combining Additional Hypnotic Processes with Gestalt Dreamwork         Common Steps in Hypnotic Dreamwork 22. Marilyn's Dream     The Crumbling Mountain
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